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Frequently Asked Questions


The answers to 96.7% of all questions can be found here in the FAQs.

So you’ll save a bit of time reading below before you turn to us.


On the respective event page you will find the registration link. For most events this is until about one (1) week before the event date. Caution! Our events are usually already sold out before, so it is important to register as early as possible to be sure. The price for the registration increases as the date of the event increases.
The route is designed in such a way that there are no waiting times before the obstacles. If this should happen, the organizer expects absolute fairness among all participants! Since it is an obstacle course, where the safety of the runners is top priority, delays can occur in individual obstacles. The organizer is endeavoring to minimize all course delays. A transfer of the starting number to other persons is not permitted.
By entering the event grounds and participating in the Blaster Run, all participants and visitors agree to the following disclaimer: The organizer is not liable for slight negligence. This applies both to his own actions, but also to acts of his representatives or vicarious agents. The above does not apply in the case of injuries to life, body or health – in these cases the general legal regulations apply. I declare that I am sufficiently trained to participate in this contest, that I am physically healthy and that my medical condition has been confirmed by a doctor. The organizer is not liable for the health risks and dangers of the participant. I am aware that I will be disqualified if I change the official start number in any way, in particular, make the advertising impression invisible or unrecognizable. Furthermore, Animals bring to the event area. Except for this are dogs, which are led on a leash. The organizer Blaster Runners e.V. operates active environmental protection in all areas of the company. They also expect the participants and all stakeholders to pay attention to environmental protection. Compliance with all applicable statutory provisions in the environmental sector is the basis of the business. This applies in particular to the regulations on waste disposal, soil and water protection as well as immission protection. I acknowledge that the organizer reserves the right to exclude me from the event if the above-mentioned obligations have been proven (according to the Data Protection Act: Your data will be read electronically). In the case of force majeure, the organizer Blaster Runners e.V. can not be held liable for any damages incurred. Reimbursement of the registration fees and rental fees will, of course, remain unaffected. The registration in general and the debiting of the credit cards are carried out by Race Result AG on and for the account of the organizer. Insofar as the individual provisions of the disclaimer or other individual provisions of the agreement are invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. I agree that the photographs, films and interviews I have made in connection with my participation in radio, television, internet, advertising, books, photo mechanical reproductions – films, videocassettes, DVDs, etc. – can be used, disseminated and published without compensation claims . Even my name may be published in the results and in reporting gen annt w grounded. I assure that my given date of birth and all data provided by me are correct.
Registration for each event takes place on site. The pick-up location is clearly sign-posted. Each participant must personally pick up the start packet and thereby sign the declaration of indemnity.
If there are problems logging in, try using a different Internet browser first. We recommend Mozilla Firefox. Please make sure to select the browser setting so that cookies are not blocked. If you have any technical problems, please contact info@blasterrun.com .
The registration can not be canceled, nor is this possible due to illness, injury or other reasons. A re-registration is usually possible in the login area of ​​the registration for a fee of 15 € to another participant. In this method, the entry fee will not be paid back – but the originally registered person can try it yourself, the refund of the registration fee from the spare runners to get . The organizer does not accept liability for reimbursement of the start-up money to the originally registered person.

Price and Discounts

The entry fee is divided into start fee and high end tee shirt (whose retail value is 20 €) and a finisher medal.
Blaster Run Events cost 30 to 120 €, depending on when you sign up. The sooner you enroll, the cheaper the participation fee is. On our event ‘s page you can find the link to sign up. All military participants receive a 20% discount.

Day of the Event

Directly in the start / finish area, toilets are placed. Please consider the waiting time!
Starts with normal running shoes! Spikes are strictly prohibited. Do not put on your new shoes, because they will get dirty!
We position paramedics and rescue vehicles and helpers at key points of the route. You can, of course, rely on adequate medical care. If you can not finish due to injuries, we will take you to the next First Aid tent. All starters assure that they are in good physical condition at the time of the race.
Prohibited: unsportsmanlike or undisciplined behavior, unauthorized assistance from outside, short cuts, deliberate destruction or damaging of obstacles, and “non-overrun” of control mats on the course. Course monitors at each obstacle check the smooth and proper operation of the event. The route is designed in such a way that there are minimal waiting times before the obstacles. If delays should happen, the organizer expects absolute fairness among all participants! Since it is an obstacle course, the safety of the runners is top priority, delays can occur in individual obstacles. The organizer is endeavoring to minimize the start-up and / or course of the course.
It is best to wear light, fast drying clothes. Shorts and fitness t-shirt are perfect.
Two refreshment points are set up, one on the running course and one at the start/finish area. The food for the participants includes water, fruit, and products of our partners.
Registration for each event takes place on site. The pick-up point is signposted. Each participant must personally pick up the start package and sign the declaration of non-liability. You must bring photo identification (identity card) And a copy of your confirmation e-mail.
There will be limited storage lockers on the premises.

Start and Timing

A single start would mean that it would be too crowded on the course and that is what we want to avoid. A wave start minimizes crowding on the course and the obstacles. In the construction of the obstacles we will look for a sufficient width for the number of participants. The race management has the right to change the starting procedure, if this allows an improved race course.
The result lists are displayed immediately after the run and published on Blaster Run website.
Respect! There are also prizes for the first-place finishers and the first-placed Monte Kaolino “Hill Climb”! Award presentation will take place immediately after the race.
Start is in waves. The fast and ambitious runners are best at the first starting waves, the runners who just want to finish, in later waves. Here we are dependent on your fairness! The starting position is narrowed in the front so that only a few runners can run at the same time. As a result, the participant field is diverted directly from the beginning, resulting in fewer waiting times before the obstacles.


There is the possibility to stay at Monte Kaolino on adjacent camping sites, as well as in the adjoining hotels and guest houses. For example, camping at the dunes! A very special camping experience with a unique dune atmosphere and directly on the spot! Information about the campsite and pensions can be found at http://www.montekaolino.eu/page_3_1.php


This has the advantage that the runners and their friends and family can then visit the after-run party, and have a relaxed journey home or use Sunday as chill time.
Of course! There will be an event for the spectators and runners after the run.

Background Information

The next run will take place at Monte Kaolino in Hirschau, Germany. The exact course, including a description of all obstacles to download, can be found on Monte Kaolino Sandblaster Run page . At the event weekend you can simply follow the signs!
You can view and order the current Blaster Run collection in our Blaster Run Store .
Press releases, texts, photos and footage are available free of charge in the online press area or directly from info@blasterrun.com
If you register for free at www.hammerrun.com for the Blaster Run online newsletter “The Blaster”, you can keep up-to-date at regular intervals. All information you will find always up to date on www.blasterrun.com or Facebook .


Sufficient food and drinks are taken care of. In addition, every volunteer will receive a high-end Blaster Run shirt and a voucher for free participation at one of our next Blaster Run events – also for giving away.
Volunteering at a Blaster Run will ensure a few unforgettable hours. Help half a day and enjoy a unique event. Volunteer by emailing: info@blasterrun.com .


Email info@blasterrun.com

Sponsors / Partners

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